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Create a personalized storefront and start earning real commissions from the brands you know and trust.

Sell the products you love

Earn real commissions and exclusive shopping perks from today's biggest retailers.
Choose a brand and get your own online store, plus sales and marketing tools you can use at your own pace.

There are no setup fees, no payments or orders to manage. You collect commissions when you sell.

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Create your personalized storefront where customers can shop with you. No coding skills required!

Earn real commissions when your customers make a purchase online

Get new customer leads introduced to you from your retailer’s website

Use Salesfloor’s email marketing and social media tools to connect with your customers

Enjoy shopping perks and exclusive discounts when you reach your sales goals

Personalize the shopping experience for customers by recommending any product available online

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See what today's online representatives are saying

Stephanie B. | Salesfloor

"Salesfloor is awesome! Wherever I am, I can connect with customers to create a better online shopping experience." — Stephanie B.

Amanda P. | Salesfloor

"I increased my monthly income by 45%. This is absolutely amazing!" — Amanda P.

Emilie D. | Salesfloor

"My friends are always asking me for style advice. This is a great way to help people in quickly while earning extra money on my own time." — Emilie D.

Frequently asked questions

Salesfloor helps you earn sales commissions, shopping perks and generous discounts offered by the brands you love. Plus, retailers connect their online shoppers to the Salesfloor community so that you can meet new customers and grow your sales.

Salesfloor is free and there are no costs. There is no design or coding required and all payments, orders and returns are handled by the retailer. The time you invest in Salesfloor is all about connecting with people and helping them shop.

Yes. Salesfloor provides you with training and ongoing tips and best practices to help you maximize your sales and performance.

As an independent representative, you are in business for yourself. There is no employment relationship between you and Salesfloor, or its retail partners.

The more time you invest in your Salesfloor account, the bigger the opportunity to earn sales commissions. Salesfloor’s top performers typically spend between 2-5 hours per week communicating with customers and updating their storefronts.